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50 years of experience at your service

The growing development of frozen goods and the greater requirement of health standards enabled the expansion and specialization of temperature-controlled storage.

Pharmaceutical and food industries represent most of our customers with this need for quality preservation.

Guarantee of a constant temperature

Each room is equipped with temperature measurement tools that are permanently controlled and whose records are archived.

A technical service ensures the uninterrupted monitoring, 24/7.

Hygiene and pest control

Hygiene measures are very strict and impose that goods are put on a pallet before they are stored.

A specific procedure concerning the destruction of any pest (rodent or insect) is rigorously respected.

Adapted logistics

The turnover rate and the number of references of your goods will determine a specific storage technique that will meet your needs perfectly.

Insurance of your goods

Any goods stored in our warehouses is covered at its actual value.

Your stock is covered against faulty operation, risk of thawing or fire hazard.


We commit ourselves to respect any request of confidentiality as to the identity of our customers.

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