Quai de Mariemont 45 1080 Bruxelles  |  Tél.: +32 24 10 29 29  |  BE 0405334195

Bienvenue chez Fri Agra

Your logistics partner

Fri-Agra holds a special place in the field of cold storage in the Brussels-Capital Region.

A storage capacity of over 14,000 pallets in temperature-controlled rooms at + 5 ° to -25 ° is made available to you.

Our facilities located Quai de Mariemont, guarantee optimal solutions to your storage needs.

Business hours

Access to storage is guaranteed during our business hours - 7:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m. - but may depend on extraordinary or urgent needs of our customers.

Order processing is done in real time, without prior notice, to ensure the highest possible availability.